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What is the fresh air system?

April 11, 2018 Not much to say other than running it right now, I felt the air was getting a bit stale in the house and kinda felt it wasn't getting the best air flow before, I used it, I can say I feel it now, seems to work perfectly.

—— Patrick

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What is the fresh air system?
Latest company news about What is the fresh air system?


Fresh air system is an independent air handling system composed of air supply system and exhaust system. The principle is based on the fact that the fresh air is supplied to the room by special equipment on one side of the closed room, and then discharged to the outside by special equipment on the other side. The "fresh air flow field" will be formed in the room, so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air exchange. The implementation scheme is: using high wind pressure, large flow fan, relying on mechanical strength, from one side of the indoor air supply, from the other side with a specially designed exhaust fan to the outside to force the formation of new air flow field in the system. At the same time, the air entering the room is filtered, disinfected, sterilized, oxygenated and preheated (in winter).


What are the types of fresh air system?

According to the installation method, the fresh air system is usually divided into two types: the ducted fresh air system and the non ducted fresh air system. The ducted fresh air system is composed of fresh air fan and pipe fittings, through which the outdoor air is purified and led into the room, and the indoor air is discharged through the pipe; the ductless fresh air system is composed of fresh air fan, and the outdoor air is also purified and led into the room by fresh air fan. Relatively speaking, the ducted fresh air system is more suitable for industrial or large office area due to its large amount of work, while the ductless fresh air system is more suitable for family use because of its convenient installation.

Duct fresh air system:
The principle of the system is that exhaust fans and exhaust pipes are installed in the kitchen and toilet, and air inlets are installed in the bedroom and living room. When the exhaust fan is running, it exhausts the original indoor air and creates negative pressure in the indoor air. Under the effect of the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor air, the outdoor fresh air enters the room through the air inlet, so as to achieve the purpose of indoor ventilation.

Ductless fresh air system:
Pipeless fresh air system is also called single fresh air system and one-way flow fresh air system in the industry. Single fresh air system is a new product of fresh air system in recent years, including wall mounted fresh air system and floor type fresh air system. Its main structure is not much different from the central fresh air system. The difference is that the single fresh air system does not need complex pipeline engineering, and the installation method is very simple. It can be installed before and after decoration, and the maintenance cost is also very low.

Functions of fresh air system:
1. Ventilation function: supply fresh air for breathing, discharge polluted air, keep indoor comfortable and smooth.
2. Deodorization function: it can quickly discharge the uncomfortable odor caused by various reasons and create a comfortable environment.
3. One of the basic functions of indoor dust removal and bacteria removal is to create a comfortable indoor air environment.
4. Dehumidification function: all kinds of moisture caused by condensation, mildew, rot and other problems, can be effectively removed, so that the room to keep cool and dry.
5. Adjust the room temperature: whether it is summer or winter, it can keep a comfortable temperature for human body.

The advantages and benefits of fresh air system and traditional window ventilation and exhaust fan ventilation are obvious.
Ventilation by opening windows: opening windows will lead to airflow disorder, which may bring the peculiar smell of toilet and kitchen into the living room and bedroom; toilet shaft may produce peculiar smell "pouring" phenomenon; outdoor air entrains a lot of outdoor dust, which affects indoor cleanliness; there is also irritating noise that cannot be avoided; heating will cause a lot of waste of energy and electricity. In view of the above reasons, the use of window ventilation, the quality of life will be greatly reduced.

Exhaust fan ventilation: the ventilator can not continuously remove the indoor odor, which can not meet the replacement demand of indoor fresh air; it is easy to be damaged, and the later maintenance cost increases; it can not continuously ventilate; the noise is large; when there is no fresh air, the exhaust resistance increases, and the effect is not good. Even without the above shortcomings, considering the small air volume and limited scope of the exhaust fan, it is impossible to install the exhaust fan in every room, even if it is installed, it can not achieve the effect. The exhaust fan can only realize local short-time exhaust, without reasonable pressure field and airflow path, so it can not realize the real sense of air replacement. And the exhaust fan can not run continuously for 24 hours, so the exhaust fan is very noisy.

Advantages of fresh air system:
1. You can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening windows;
2. Avoid "air conditioning disease";
3. Avoid mildew of indoor furniture and clothing;
4. Remove the harmful gas released for a long time after indoor decoration, which is beneficial to human health;
5. Recycle indoor temperature and humidity to save heating cost;
6. Effectively eliminate all kinds of indoor bacteria and viruses;
7. Super quiet;
8. Reduce indoor carbon dioxide concentration;
9. Dust proof;

Everyone must have a comprehensive understanding of the fresh air system. The advantages and benefits of the fresh air system have been proposed in many industries, especially in campus and real estate.
Choosing fresh air system is basically choosing to pay for your own health. Although the air quality is much better than before, it is necessary to install a set of fresh air system to clean or manage the air in the home environment, especially in cities where urban construction has started everywhere. However, it is necessary to avoid the pit and find a professional team or brand

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