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What is the advantage of fresh air system than traditional ventilation system

April 11, 2018 Not much to say other than running it right now, I felt the air was getting a bit stale in the house and kinda felt it wasn't getting the best air flow before, I used it, I can say I feel it now, seems to work perfectly.

—— Patrick

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What is the advantage of fresh air system than traditional ventilation system
Latest company news about What is the advantage of fresh air system than traditional ventilation system


In recent years, more and more people install fresh air system in their families, and more and more real estate developers also deploy fresh air system as one of the selling points of their projects.
Families, enterprises and factories need ventilation system to improve indoor air quality. Now people like to choose fresh air system instead of traditional ventilation system. Why?
Ventilation is a technology that uses natural or mechanical methods to make the wind pass through and reach the room or closed environment without obstacles, so as to create a suitable air environment such as health and safety. Regular ventilation can improve indoor air quality and is beneficial to health.

Fresh air refers to the air outside the building or the air that has not been circulated by the air conditioning and ventilation system before entering the building. The fresh air outlet of air conditioning unit and air conditioning unit is directly connected with the external space of the building to introduce fresh air.
Ventilation system is to connect indoor air and outdoor air to realize indoor air convection. Take the simplest example to illustrate: it is often said to open the doors and windows to increase the amount of fresh air in the room, such as installing exhaust fans inside the factory and so on. These are ventilation systems used to exhaust harmful indoor air.
Ventilation system is generally independent, such as ordinary exhaust fan, belonging to a kind of ventilation system. When the exhaust fan is used, only the internal fan is used to exhaust the indoor air, which can not increase the indoor oxygen content. For the ground dehumidification, the ventilation system has a good effect.
Fresh air system includes fresh air purifier system, that is to say, fresh air system and ventilation system can also discharge indoor dirty air, and then introduce outdoor fresh air to increase indoor fresh air volume, which can be directly realized without opening doors and windows. The ventilation equipment in the house is generally installed in the room, bathroom and kitchen, because these places are most likely to cause air pollution of the house, especially the bathroom, which is humid all the year round. Therefore, ventilation equipment must be installed to ensure that the air in the whole house is not polluted. The fresh air system is different and has various styles, including vertical type and hanging type, which does not affect the overall interior decoration and can be installed everywhere. Fresh air system is often used with central air conditioning, which can effectively improve the energy efficiency of central air conditioning. Especially in the supermarket, although the air conditioning is on, the oxygen per capita is insufficient, which is easy to cause the risk of suffocation. Therefore, it is necessary to install fresh air system to increase indoor oxygen content.

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