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How to select the ERV

April 11, 2018 Not much to say other than running it right now, I felt the air was getting a bit stale in the house and kinda felt it wasn't getting the best air flow before, I used it, I can say I feel it now, seems to work perfectly.

—— Patrick

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How to select the ERV
Latest company news about How to select the ERV


Select according to the air volume, in order to select the fresh air system, we should first select the appropriate air volume according to the area of the new house. Domestic fresh air volume is mainly 150m / h, 250m / h, 350m / h.
For example, a house of 50-80 square meters usually has 150 air volumes. 80-120 houses, generally choose 250 air volume; 120-180 houses, generally choose 350 air volume.
Considering the air loss during installation, choose the large one instead of the small one. The greater the air volume, the greater the noise. We can choose the appropriate type of muffler sponge tube to reduce noise.

How to select pipeline type, wall mounted type and floor type

Duct type: the duct type fresh air fan needs to be installed in the ceiling, and the air outlet and outlet should be installed in different positions in the same room. The installation amount of pipe ceiling type fresh air system is large, which needs to be carried out simultaneously with the house decoration. The pipe ceiling type fresh air system was not installed on the wall, and the ceiling was not completed in the front yard.

Advantages: good purification effect. General duct fresh air can be combined with multi-layer filter screen, total heat exchange fresh air system, indoor air purification effect will be much better than no duct fresh air.
Meet the air purification requirements of the whole house. The duct fresh air system can meet the purification needs of the whole house, and the air purification effect is more thorough. The wall mounted system can only meet the purification of a certain area in a single room.
It runs more quietly. The main engine and pipes of the duct fresh air system are hidden and installed on the ceiling. If the installation quality and effect are guaranteed, the system components are not easy to be interfered by the outside world, and the service life is longer.
Similarly, the ceiling will also isolate some noise generated by the operation of the fresh air system, even if it runs continuously for 24 hours, it will not bring noise trouble to daily life.

Wall mounted fresh air or cabinet type fresh air is directly perforated on the wall for installation. This method is suitable for small areas. In order to meet the purification needs of the whole house, multiple units need to be installed.

Advantages: convenient installation. It can be installed before and after decoration without laying pipes and damaging the original decoration style. It is easy to install, only need to make a vent and several screw holes on the external wall to complete the installation.
More flexibility. It can meet the different needs of different people and different places for fresh air volume. As each place is independent, the wall mounted fresh air fan can set different fresh air volume according to different fresh air volume requirements.
It occupies less indoor space. There is no need for ceiling, no need for laying and hiding pipes, and no need to occupy a high indoor space.


In short, the difference between wall mounted and ceiling type fresh air systems is that the wall mounted system is not limited by decoration and can be installed at any time, but the ceiling type system must be completed before decoration; Although the price of ceiling type is higher than that of wall mounted type, the scope of ceiling type air supply is larger, which can realize the whole house ventilation.

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