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ERV is more popular

April 11, 2018 Not much to say other than running it right now, I felt the air was getting a bit stale in the house and kinda felt it wasn't getting the best air flow before, I used it, I can say I feel it now, seems to work perfectly.

—— Patrick

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ERV is more popular
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At present, the demand of home fresh air ventilation system is more and more, and the application of ventilation system is more and more extensive. How to choose the family fresh air system? As ordinary families use fresh air system to pursue higher and better cost performance, the family fresh air system industry is constantly improving, which is more suitable for ordinary families.
Ventilation system is a kind of household equipment which can improve indoor air environment and breathe fresh air. For home users, the main functions of the home fresh air system are as follows:
1. After the new decoration of the family, the damage caused by decoration pollution can be prevented and indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other pollution control can be removed.
2. Solve the problem of window ventilation, and avoid mosquito, dust and noise from affecting the rest and study.
3. Solve the problem of second-hand smoke. Some people smoke at home to prevent second-hand smoke from harming their families.
4. It solves the problem that people feel depressed because of poor house type and poor ventilation. The household fresh air system can be easily ventilated.
5. Fatigue, headache and fatigue occurred in the air conditioning room.
6. Children in the family often cough, sneeze and have low immunity.
7. Prevent family members from skin allergy and other problems, such as group respiratory diseases.

The principle of "fresh air disinfection" will be formed in the room. The fresh air will be sent into the room from one side of the closed room by special equipment, and then discharged from the other side to meet the needs of indoor fresh air ventilation. The implementation scheme is as follows: centrifugal fan, driven by high-pressure head, large flow low-power DC high-speed brushless motor, supplies air to the room from one side through mechanical strength, and exhausts to the outside by using specially designed fresh air exhaust fan on the other side, forcing the formation of new air flow field in the system. At the same time, the air entering the room is made up of fresh air, filtration and disinfection, sterilization, oxygenation and preheating (in winter). The scope of borrowing is wide. Form a clean space to ensure that the air entering the home room is a clean home fresh air system.

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