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Does punching of fresh air fan affect sound insulation? Does the noise enter the room through the vents?

April 11, 2018 Not much to say other than running it right now, I felt the air was getting a bit stale in the house and kinda felt it wasn't getting the best air flow before, I used it, I can say I feel it now, seems to work perfectly.

—— Patrick

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Does punching of fresh air fan affect sound insulation? Does the noise enter the room through the vents?
Latest company news about Does punching of fresh air fan affect sound insulation? Does the noise enter the room through the vents?


House is close to the road or construction site, or there is a night market downstairs, it will make a lot of noise. In order to isolate outdoor noise, many families will install soundproof windows. But this leads to poor ventilation at home, the air becomes very stuffy and uncomfortable. Many people want to install fresh air fans for ventilation, but there is a concern: does the fresh air fan hole affect the sound insulation? Does the outdoor noise enter the room through the vent?

Does drilling of fresh air fan affect sound insulation? If the outside noise enters the house through the ventilation hole, isn't the sound insulation window useless? In China and Europe, after purchasing fresh air fans, users are very satisfied with the sound insulation effect. They have taken sound insulation and noise reduction measures from all aspects to ensure the sound insulation effect of fresh air fans and the sound insulation effect of machines during operation.

Sound insulation expanded polypropylene
Expanded polypropylene is a kind of material which is very suitable for making fresh air system. Its sound insulation, shockproof, thermal insulation performance is very good, but also very light. At present, many European manufacturers of wall mounted fans are widely using EPP, but domestic manufacturers rarely use EPP. The whole 3S fresh air fan is composed of environmental protection EPP. After the fresh air fan is installed on the wall, the effect of sealing and sound insulation is very good. There is no need to open windows and enjoy the fresh air filtered for 24 hours.

Use sound insulation pearl cotton insulation pipe
Different from the wall mounted fans of other manufacturers, PVC plastic ventilation pipes are used, and all special pearl cotton insulation pipes are used. This kind of hose not only has good thermal insulation effect, but also increases the sound insulation effect. The new fan of pearl cotton insulation pipe is easier to install and has good elasticity. It can be closely combined with the wall without adding foam glue. The sealing ring behind the fresh air fan can increase the sealing between the machine and the wall, and stick to the wall.

Filter can also increase the effect of silencing!
There are three thick filters in the O2 and 3S of the fresh air fan, which can also increase the silencing effect. When installing the fresh air fan, the master put the filter screen behind the wall, and hardly heard the outside sound; after hanging the fresh air fan on the wall, the environment in the room became very quiet. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about the outdoor noise entering the room through the ventilation hole.
When choosing the wall mounted fresh air fan, the machine with good mute effect must be selected. The noise of fresh air fan depends on the quality of motor to a great extent. The equipment equipped with high quality and low noise motor will have good silence performance

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